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Industrial switch cabinet assembly for series and project business


Industrial switch cabinet assembly in series production

Our processes are designed to ensure that customers are closely involved in the planning and project development process and that we jointly guide the process to series maturity step by step: from design and prototype construction to series production.


From the outset, we structure our ordering and interaction processes to ensure that our customers can conveniently order through their respective ERP systems, for example through SAP. Even subsequent changes to product specifications are possible, because we document the entire process in detail.


Comprehensive quality inspections and modern automatic testing equipment ensure high product quality. The management of suppliers throughout the entire product lifecycle is our daily business.


We also provide dependable after-sales service and spare parts supply.


Industrial switch cabinet assembly in projects

ART has the expertise to implement projects quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our modular production principle and dynamic structures within the ART Group, we can offer everything down to single-unit production runs. Depending on specific needs, we can carry out project planning based on provided specifications or requirements.


Because projects frequently have to be completed very quickly, we can draw on our extensive manufacturing expertise and handle all subprocesses for you – from material selection and procurement strategy to assembly, quality control and logistics.


Are you looking for an agile, strategic partner that can support you as the system supplier with equal quality and efficiency whether you’re looking for series production or small-scale projects down to single-unit production runs? Talk to us – we can
effectively serve your needs.