Partner for your supply chain


Partner for your supply chain


Our standard is to provide customers everything from a single source whenever and to the greatest extent possible. For us as a system provider, product and logistics are therefore two closely interrelated key elements. The close interconnectedness of the product and logistics creates complete supply chains for our customers that are completely cost-optimized from end to end.

The more extensive the combination of design, metal housing, control unit, cable system and mechatronics, the lower the coordination effort required by our customer. The capital tied up in the supply chain is reduced due to the low levels of circulating stocks. So the sooner you start working with us, the greater the potential for cost reduction.


This enables us to maintain an optimally managed manufacturing process throughout the entire product lifecycle and fully take advantage of our European branch concept (D, PL). This allows us to achieve very attractive price reductions.

The mix of small and medium series production quantities is typical of the product range of our customers. It is mainly products with many variants and optional product upgrading that are handled flexibly in the company’s value creation chain. The networking of the ART Group with suppliers and customers via our ERP system (SAP) ensures a high level of quality and delivery reliability.


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