Quality management & process reliability


High quality with the highest safety and delivery reliability


“Quality is also a simple question of decency.” This quote from Theodor Heuss sums up our approach to quality. All of our processes are structured such that we can provide the highest safety standards and quality at all times.

Process quality, knowledge management and sustainability


All processes are individually coordinated and compared with the requirements of our Q-Plan system for quality assurance. All processes are continuously verified and validated according to the zero-error principle. At the same time, the processes are constantly optimized and subjected to a continuous improvement process (CIP). One important factor in this regard is our knowledge management system, with which we continuously expand our basis of expertise. ART has been certified under DIN EN ISO 9000 since 1995.


Through these measures, we ensure efficient processes in our collaboration with our customers. Our quality control system works so well that customers have us perform the validation of bookings and final acceptance of components in order to minimize error sources.

Our commitment to creating sustainable conditions also plays a role in the cost-effectiveness of our processes. That applies as much to our collaboration with customers as it does to our approach to environmental resources. Motivated by our sense of duty, we have defined corresponding standards, for example promoting the use of sustainable energy sources.

Quality assurance in procurement and supplier management


We actively involve our suppliers in our company’s quality management procedures through quality assurance agreements and establish development partnerships with service providers and laboratories. This helps us minimize sources of errors and costs. With our comprehensively developed SAVE system, we have a powerful tool for risk management in procurement – thereby effectively safeguarding all supply and production processes and ensuring that the entire supply chain works flawlessly.


With our proven quality assurance measures, we guarantee our customers consistently high quality, maximum process reliability and the highest delivery reliability: the basis for long-lasting, successful partnerships.